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Shanghai Maxflex Shines at The 2023 Cologne International Dental

Date:2023-08-21 16:11:29 Visits:789

In Germany, the biennial global dental event, the Cologne Dental and Oral Exhibition IDS, opened on March 14, 2023. As the largest and most influential professional dental exhibition in the world, it attracted over 1,700 exhibitors and brands, with a total of 160,000 attendees, to share high-level innovative technologies and first-class products and equipment in the dental field and discuss the latest developments in the industry. IDS reflects the finest dental products in the global dental trade market and indicates the latest trends in the world dental market.


As a professional dental material manufacturer and a creative enterprise in the dental field, Shanghai Maxflex showcased its latest developed composite dental sheets, orthodontic accessories, and a complete set of chairside solutions at IDS. Maxflexs's innovative products and unique chairside solutions attracted the attention of numerous experts and customers and received high praise and recognition from world-class peers.

The newly developed composite films are based on the material mechanics and physicochemical properties of different medical materials, multilayered structures and material composite blending processing technology. They have excellent performance, stress retention rate, and right angle tear strength, with different composite films having different superior features to meet different needs and achieve precise medical goals, leading the global orthodontic material technology frontier.

Our distinctive chairside solutions integrate the entire workflow of invisible aligner production from oral scanning to cutting the aligners, providing a production solution for new entrants, small-scale invisible aligner manufacturing factories, and dental clinics, addressing their current difficulties. The solution is a positive pressure film press, a five-axis cutting machine, or a five-axis automatic cutting workstation. 

These two devices debuted in the exhibition, attracting the attention of many experts and customers who inquired about and discussed them with great interest. The positive pressure film press is innovatively designed to press two dental models simultaneously, helping customers save costs and improve film utilization. The five-axis aligner cutting machine, with its matching software independently developed, can be paired with any orthodontic design software worldwide. With a production capacity of 500 aligners in 8 hours, it can meet chairside production requirements and most factories' daily production needs.



Through the exchanges at this exhibition, Shanghai Marxflex showcased innovative technologies and products to the global dental industry, obtained rich and excellent customer resources, and explored more strategic cooperation opportunities, further advancing the goal of comprehensive expansion in overseas markets. As a professional and leading dental material manufacturer, participating in IDS has enhanced Maxflex's influence and reputation in the global market, laying a solid foundation for global development goals.