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"Shanghai Maxflex Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "Maxflex") has earned a strong reputation by consistently enhancing its products, maintaining a compliant and high-standard production approach, and delivering prompt after-sales service through a professional team. This dedication to quality has enabled Maxflex to uphold its esteemed status.


To enhance its services for both local and international customers and gain recognition for impartiality, Maxflex underwent a thorough review by CMD (Beijing Hua Guang Certification of Medical Devices Co., Ltd.), China's most authoritative company. As a result, Maxflex obtained the 13485 certificate in July 2023.


Maxflex is committed to adhering to all relevant laws, regulations, and risk management system requirements. This achievement marks a new beginning for Maxflex, propelling it to serve society and its customers even more effectively."

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