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Aligner Accessories

We also supply high-quality orthodontic appliances! The mechanical properties of orthodontic materials can be evaluated through residual load data of the stress relaxation test. and general commercial PETG materials weretested under 37°C and 100% relative humidity, ours have a better stress retention ratio, which means Maxflex™ materials have a longer correction period and improved orthodontic efficiency.

Product introduction

Orthodontic lingual buckle is made of special polymer elastomer, with strong and transparent physical characteristics, but also has good chemical resistance. It has long-term tolerance and stain resistance for various common drinks in the mouth, and good biological compatibility.

With the breakthrough of indirect bonding technology of lingual bracket, preforming lingual arch wire and study on biomechanical mechanism, and the accumulation of clinical experience of orthodontic doctors, lingual orthodontics has become prosperous.

High quality products  

The team develops customized manufacturing facilities in 10K and 100K rated clean workshops and operates ISO13485:2016 and GMP quality management systems to strictly control production details and maintain complete manufacturing documentation.

Develop innovative products for dental health care and orthodontics  

develops a range of innovative patented products for invisible orthodontics and dental care. According to the emerging demands of invisible orthodontics, we develop single-layer and multi-layer dental coping sheets of different materials, and invent new double-layer dental coping sheets with drug-loading function, providing a new solution for teeth whitening and health care and oral disease treatment. In addition, the new two-layer supercritical fluid foaming process of medical grade dental film elastomer sheet can reduce the pressure of molars and reduce the damage of teeth.

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