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Welcome to our booth at Thailand Dental Expo 117th (DAT)

Date:2024-05-29 10:35:54 Visits:293

Dear distinguished Customer,


We are honored to announce that Shanghai Maxflex Medical Technology Co., Ltd. will be participating in the upcoming Thailand Dental Expo from 5 June to 7 June. At this exhibition, we will proudly showcase our dental sheets and accessories, and we are looking forward to your visit and guidance.


Introduction of Shanghai Maxflex Medical Technology Co., Ltd.: As an innovator in the field of dental healthcare, Shanghai Maxflex Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing efficient and precise dental solutions. Our products are widely used in the field of orthodontics and are deeply trusted and favored by dental professionals and patients worldwide.


Highlights of the Exhibition:

  1. Dental Sheets and Accessories: We will display a series of high-quality dental sheets and accessories, which are known for their excellent biocompatibility and stability, bringing a more comfortable treatment experience to patients.

  2. Technical Exchange: During the exhibition, we will share the latest advancements and application cases in dental technology with you.

  3. Live Demonstration: Our sales team will conduct live demonstrations to give you a close-up experience of the product's operation process and actual effects.

We look forward to:

  • Discussing the latest developments in dental medical technology with you.

  • Experiencing our innovative products and solutions with you.

  • Seeking for cooperation opportunities to jointly create a bright future for dental healthcare.

Special Offers:

  • During the exhibition, all customers who attend will enjoy exclusive discounts and have the opportunity to receive exquisite gifts prepared by us.

We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and explore the endless possibilities of dental healthcare with us.